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Deborah Benioff Friedman

Everywhere... signs, marks, evidence of existence, the laws of gravity, character, history, and imagination. Cracks in the asphalt that hint at some shift underneath. Pawprints in mud, dust on a web. There are inscriptions made by wind and sand, time and fire, or just tales told by mold or neglect or rubber tires on a curve of asphalt. The marks I make - cuts, holes, burns, stains or stitches in paper - are evidence of my truths: they are a code, a rhythmic, enigmatic, asemic language as well as a map to my subconscious meanderings.

I work with repurposed or found materials that have been worn and used and worked by other people, other forces. My pieces are made from items such teabags and teabag labels, ledger paper, staples, coffee filters, cardboard boxes, zipper packaging, books, recipe cards, envelopes, discarded wire and wood. I add my efforts to the already present scratches, stains, dents, tears, rust marks and various weatherings with stitches, dye, paint and glue. I sand, boil and bake paper and books. I knead mulberry paper to get it to contract and adhere. The idea is to tell a story, but in hints and whispers, erasures, and mendings.

I start with the chosen material and see where my fingers take me, with minimal interference by conscious planning or rigid organization. I try to balance meticulous detail with rough gesture. An almost daily practice, the rhythmic movement of kneading and stitching…what emerges is a glimpse at a subliminal manuscript.

Dark, Salt, Clear
37 x 16". Fabric, string, thread.

Atmospheric River
23 x 11". Fabric, string, thread.

Imagine Knowledge
16 x 23". Fabric, string, thread, rusty metal.

Fabric, thread, paper.

Record of the Journey
20 x 18". Cotton and linen fabric, gauze, thread.

15 x 16". Fabric, thread, ink.

22 x 16.5 in. Ledger paper stained with tea, water color.

19.5 x 13 x 3 in. Ledger paper stained with tea.

11.5 x 12 in. Envelope, tea dye.

19 x 14 x 3 in. Ledgerbook Paper, tea dye.

12 x 13.5 in. tea-dyed paper.

Layers and Context I
25 x 39 in. Ledgerbook Paper, tea dye.

Layers and Context II
32 x 24 in. Ledgerbook Paper, tea dye.

Mixed Metaphor
40 x 17 x 3 in. Ledgerbook Paper, tea dye.

Non Sequitur
16 x 23 x 2 in. Ledgerbook Paper, tea dye.

16 x 12 in. Ledgerbook Paper, tea dye.

Once Removed
28 x 16 in. Mulberry paper (joomchi).

15 x 23 in. Ledgerbook Paper, tea dye.

Swept Off Her Feet
39 x 16 x 2 in. Ledgerbook Paper, tea dye.

Swept Under the Carpet
31 x 17 x 2 in. Ledgerbook Paper, tea dye.

Taking Root
15 x 8 in.

On The Verge of Silence

Lost In The Specifics

72x77x1. Starbucks cups, rust, tea.

10x7x4. Cardboard, paper pulp, twine, wire.

21x23x1. Teabag tags, paper.

Odyssey I
20x20. Coffee filter, ledger paper, thread. (Sold)

Ortu 1
19x19. Coffee filter, thread, ledger paper, tea dye.

15x14. Envelope, tea stain.

15x12. Recipe cards, tea dye, paint.

Just A Game
20x24. Paper, thread, tea dye. (Sold)

27x29. Teabags, thread. (Sold)

Square Dance
49x36. teabags, thread.

28x29x2. Teabags, thread. (Sold)

Ancient Egress
144x36x2. Teabags, thread.

115x18x4. Cardboard boxes, wire, paint, paper.

25x7x4. Ledger paper stained with tea. (Sold)

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